SIMLab is working on a project funded by Stanford's Philanthropy and Civil Society Team to develop better resources for social change organizations who end up generating and managing other people’s data in their work - things like personal details, or information about their health or habits. First, though, we want to know what people are doing now.
You are not required to take this survey, nor are you required to identify yourself through your email address. We will not use any of your responses without asking for your consent.

What is your job title? *

How many people work for your organization? *

In which of your organization's offices are you based? Select the option that most closely matches your situation. *

Over what medium do you prefer to learn new things relating to your work? *

Does your organization collect, analyze or in any way manage personally identifiable information (PII)? *

Does your organization collect, view, store, transmit, analyze or generate any of the following data? *

How do you store data? *

How is data most often transmitted (sent from one place to another)? *

Is there a data policy at your organization? (e.g. processes/procedures throughout the data life cycle: creation, management, deletion). *

Do you comply with your responsible data policy? *

Why? *

How do you and do you not comply?
Are you aware of any legal restrictions or regulations related to how you manage data? Please explain *

What tools or resources do you use to educate you and assist you with data management ? *

Who do you feel should be responsible for driving good data practice? *

What is something you could do to encourage responsible data management? *

Please complete this sentence: I feel BLANK about responsible data management because BLANK *

Please describe for us how responsible data management makes you feel, and then, please describe why. This can be as short or long as you would like.
Is there anything else you think we should know about your experience with data management?

Thank you for participating in our survey. Please share the survey link with colleagues! If you have provided your email address we will send you early insights from our consultation and survey process. If you would like more information about the program or about SIMLab please visit or follow us on Twitter @SIMLab If you have any questions about the survey, please feel free to reach out to
Thank you!

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